Month: August 2014

Who REALLY Needs An Estate Plan?

While I truly believe that everyone eighteen years old and older needs and could benefit from an estate plan, who really needs an estate plan maybe more than other? The following groups are those that I believe have special planning considerations that makes planning generally more important: 1.  Families with young children should at the very least have a […]

What IS Estate Planning?

Estate planning can be as simple or extensive as you’d like it to be. The main thing to understand is that an estate plan encompasses much more than just an estate and assets. Let me answer those age old questions of who, what, where, when, and why, I’ll just do so in a different order. What? […]

The Operating Agreement: A Business PreNup

The Operating Agreement About a month ago, I met with a client that wanted me to prepare documents for a new company he was starting with a friend. During the meeting, I compared the operating agreement to a prenuptial agreement and the business relationship between him and his friend to a real marriage.  As I have thought […]

Don’t Have a Plan? The State Has One For You

Recent statistics show that only 35% of Americans have a will or trust.  Despite that staggering low number, the fact is that everyone has an estate plan whether they know it or not.  Unfortunately, right now most Americans will have their plan created by their State. Since they did not or will not create their own estate plan, […]

The Planning Documents Nobody Talks About

When it comes to your financial and health care wants, powers of attorney are some of the most crucial of the estate planning documents and yet they are the documents nobody talks about. As part of any will-based or trust-based estate plan I draft, financial and healthcare powers of attorney are included.  These documents are two of the […]

Be a Better Consumer of Legal Services

Often times in the realm of the legal world, there are many uncharted territories for people not in the business. I will spend some time here shortly explaining my estate planning and corporate law practices. Before I get to that though, I want to give you four practical steps you can take as a client to keep your legal […]

An Estate Plan is Not About You

That may sound funny, but it is true.  An estate plan is not about you, it is about your family.  It is about planning for your loved ones when you are not there to provide for them.  Taking the time to write a will or trust-based estate plan is one of the most selfless things that a […]

Don’t Have an Estate Plan? You Are Not Alone.

Tomorrow…That is what the statistics say about our thoughts on taking care of our families with estate planning.  Approximately 45% of adults have an estate plan according to a recently released estate planning survey. What is scarier is the fact that only 39% of adults with minors living under their roof have an estate plan, which […]