Month: September 2014

Planning for Incapacity

While most people associate estate planning with passing on one’s possessions at death, a comprehensive estate plan considers and provides for so much more, including planning for incapacity. Incapacity is a legal term used to describe the condition of someone who cannot properly manage their own affairs. The reality is that elderly populations do and […]

What About My Stuff?

The Why Okay, you’re young, you might not have a home or retirement accounts, but you’ve got some pretty cool stuff, right?  You need to ask yourself the question, “what about my stuff?” and find the answer. If you don’t have a will in place, your possessions will be distributed based on state law, usually to your […]

You’re Never Too Young For An Estate Plan

In your 20’s or maybe not even 20 yet? Many people in this age bracket do not consider the reasons and benefits for establishing an estate plan now. While estate planning is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re a young adult, there are a few basics that you can really benefit from. When […]

Avoiding Conflict When Distributing Assets

Last year, Sopranos star James Gandolfini’s estate was made public, and among several avoidable mistakes, it was revealed that Mr. Soprano’s assets were divided up quite unevenly among his children, to say the least.  Rumor has it that there is fighting among his family over his estate that could drag the probate process out years. While […]

What If My Children Are Adults?

Today is a somber day. It has been 13 years since the tragic events at the World Trade Center. Luckily we have overcome it and recovered as a country. One thing that we can take away from that day, even years later is that we cannot take time and life for granted. One way to […]

Making Big Decisions For Your Kids’ Future

Making decisions concerning your children’s future, especially making big decisions, can be extremely tough for parents.  Take the pressure off with these four tips. 1.  Naming Guardians for Your Children can be the most stressful thing for parents to agree on.  Instead of naming specific guardians, try naming a “Guardianship Panel” that is empowered to name […]

The Estate Planning Process: It’s Not As Painful As You Think!

This month I am going to walk you through the planning process from start to finish as if you were a married client looking for a basic trust-based estate plan.  The planning process varies from firm to firm, but I have crafted mine to make it as efficient and flexible as possible.  The reason…I have four kids and I […]