Month: June 2016

Arizona Estate Planning For Your Kids

Phoenix Wills and Trusts Preparation While more than 90% of parents think one of their children will become executor of their estate, 27% of their kids don’t know this.  Phoenix Wills and Trusts are best when communicated in advance so that child can be prepared. Phoenix Wills and Trusts make passing a little easier. Take advantage of our […]

Arizona | Become A Tree After You Die

Phoenix – Turn death into transformation by becoming a tree Bios Urn is a fully #biodegradable urn which converts you into a tree after life. It contains a seed which will grow in the name of your beloved. Turn death into a transformation & return to nature. Phoenix Wills and Trusts make passing a little easier. Take advantage of […]

What’s The Best Way To Eliminate or Reduce Estate Taxes?

A will and trust expert attorney knows the best ways to eliminate or reduce estate tax. If your net worth is near, at or over $5.45M (This number goes up each year with the rise of inflation) your estate tax is 40% for every $1 over the $5.45M exemption amount. And don’t overlook insurance proceeds because […]

Do You Know What Happens To Your Facebook When You Die?

What happens to your Facebook page when you die? One thing most people never give a second thought to is what happens to their digital profiles after they pass away.  Well, Facebook has a solution for you.  Introducing the Legacy Contact.  This is a person that you can designate to create a memorial page out of your Facebook […]

Phoenix, if you have life insurance, you need an estate plan

If you have life insurance, you need an estate plan. If you have #LifeInsurance (even if its just a term Phoenix Wills and Trusts can help you control who receives the proceeds and when they get them. Don’t let your loved ones get a windfall before they are ready to handle it. Phoenix Wills and […]

Prince’s Siblings Are Left To Fight Over His Estate Becuase He Had No Will, Trust and Estate Plan

When Prince died, he had no known children When Prince died, he had no known children.  This has left his siblings and half siblings to line up in probate court to fight for their fair share of his estate.  With a fortune of approximately $300 million, there is a lot at stake.  Because Prince did […]

Arizona Charitable Contributions Estate Plan

Phoenix Wills and Trusts are great for charitable contributions Are you charitable with your money?  A trust is an easy way to make charitable gifts. If you leave assets to a charity after your death, you need an estate plan.  Otherwise, you are relying on your heirs to give a portion of their inheritance to […]

Prepare your kids and get your Estate Planning done

Passing Your Business To Your Kids Ah, succession planning…A topic that people avoid as much as possible because it is never as simple as it seems. A lot of my clients have businesses that comprise most of their net worth and how to pass it on whether at retirement or at death is always baffling […]

Phoenix Family Business Owner

A Must Read for the Phoenix Family Business Owner Do you have a #FamilyBusiness that only ONE of your children works for? We can make sure that that your Phoenix Wills and Trusts protect the interest of the business & the children, fairly. Take advantage of our free consultation, call 480-305-0973 or visit the Meyerson […]