“What I like best about my job is making a difference for my clients who are often in difficult situations.”

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The Meyerson Law Firm has the right Phoenix business attorney, estate planning attorney, or probate lawyer for you. We work closely with all kinds of businesses and individuals seeking legal counsel. We also listen closely to your concerns and analyze your situation to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date options available.

Rather than overwhelm you with details that don’t apply to your specific needs, our team filters the ideal solutions through so you fully understand the law as it applies to you. Now you can walk away happy knowing you made a decision based on legal counsel that truly benefits you and your best interests.

Big decisions in your business and estate planning require the best legal counsel you can get your hands on. The right team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers on your side gives you total control over the future outcome of the most important choices you make today. Our comprehensive process provides you with accurate legal information so you can see the whole picture. When the time comes, you’ll want the peace of mind that goes with being certain that everything will follow according to plan.

Offering a fine balance between expertise and guidance, The Meyerson Law Firm provides you with practiced and professional legal counsel so you can move forward in life and in business with total confidence.

Below you’ll find more information about our fields of expertise in Business Law, Estate Planning, and Probate. Then get to know us better by reading our bios here. When you’re ready to come in and meet the team, make an appointment to have coffee with us. We’ll take the rest from there.

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Business Law

Many of our business law clients come into the firm not really knowing what they need from a business law standpoint.
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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one of the single most important responsibilities you could do for your family and your peace of mind.
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Probate is the court-supervised process of administering a deceased person’s estate. Learn more here.

When dealing with probate, a lawyer is not necessarily needed, but it can definitely make the process easier and less stressful. If you have never experienced probate before, it may be beneficial to you and your family members to have legal assistance throughout the process.

It is ideal to write down all questions and concerns you have about your case, and bring that, as well as relevant documents, to your first meeting. This way, you are organized and prepared to listen to the attorney’s answers in detail.

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