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Phoenix Estate Planning

Phoenix Estate Planning for Arizona Parents Arizona Parents, consider life insurance as a staple in your Phoenix Estate Planning package. Arizona Parents, do you have young children or own a house?  Getting a life insurance policy and including it in your Phoenix Estate Planning is a good idea that can spare your family the grief of […]

Be An Astronaut

Have you always wanted to be an astronaut? Now upon death, you can. Celestis is a program which attaches ashes of interested parties (including several astronauts) to space shuttles, literally launching you into the stratosphere. At a cost of $12,500 it is literally out of this world for most people’s budget. Free consultation – Call […]

Turn Yourself Into A Paper Weight

Sounds crazy, but did you know that after death you can turn yourself into a Paperweight? Seriously!!! Memorial Swirl Paperweights now you and your kids can play rock/paper/scissors in eternity. You gotta laugh, happy Friday! On a serious note, Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 Visit us at

Magic Mushroom

Would you want to turn into a mushroom after death? One company has created a suit that will increase your biodegradability — by embedded the suit heavily with mushroom spores. Is this going to far to be green? Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 Plan your future at

Turn Yourself Into Bling

Do you love bling? Get cremated, get your ashes to LifeGem, and they will compress you into a diamond you wish you had during life! It’s not cheap, its smallest sparkler is currently $2,490. Great Inheritance gift for your children & grand kids. Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 Be Sure To Visit Us At