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File Beneficiary Forms

Parents & Business Owners File Beneficiary Forms. Naming a beneficiary for bank accounts and retirement plans makes the account automatically “payable on death” to your beneficiary and allows the funds to skip the probate process. Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs at

Payable On Death Account

  No one wants to think about it, but do you want your grieving spouse or children worrying about it? Rather than a funeral prepayment plan, which may be unreliable, you can set up a payable-on-death account at your bank & deposit funds directly. Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs at

Sky Burial

Have you heard of a Sky Burial? It is practiced in Tibet. It’s fairly simple: it involves leaving a body in the open air to be exposed to the elements & the birds. Brings a whole new level of fear to the movie The Birds. Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs at

Safe Deposit Boxes Are Your Best Bet

Safe Deposit Boxes Are Your Best Bet   Arizona Moms, Dads, Business Owners – Store your Phoenix Wills and Trusts, insurance policies, real estate deeds, certificates for stocks, bonds, annuities, information on bank accounts, mutual funds, safe deposit boxes, retirement plans, 401(k) accounts, or IRAs, debts: credit cards, mortgages & loans, utilities & unpaid taxes […]

Baby Boomers Have No Wills

64% of Baby Boomers in #Arizona have no will. Writing out your wishes for health care for your Phoenix Wills and Trusts can protect you if you become unable to make medical decisions for yourself. Health care directives include a declaration (“living will”) & a power of attorney for healthcare which allows someone of your choosing […]

Consider A Trust & Estate Plan

Consider A Trust & Estate Plan ARIZONA REAL PROPERTY OWNERS Whether your real properties are in Payson, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tucson, having them included in your trust-based estate plan will save your family headaches and expenses upon your departure.  Even if you only have one property, we highly recommend you create a Trust & Estate Plan. Unless […]

Protect Your Digital Assets

PHOENIX, ARIZONA You need a digital Estate Planning! This is a list of online accounts & passwords with instructions regarding what is to happen to these assets after death. Take advantage of our free consultation, by calling 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs