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Phoenix Estate Planning

Phoenix Estate Planning for Arizona Parents Arizona Parents, consider life insurance as a staple in your Phoenix Estate Planning package. Arizona Parents, do you have young children or own a house?  Getting a life insurance policy and including it in your Phoenix Estate Planning is a good idea that can spare your family the grief of […]

Safe Deposit Boxes Are Your Best Bet

Safe Deposit Boxes Are Your Best Bet   Arizona Moms, Dads, Business Owners – Store your Phoenix Wills and Trusts, insurance policies, real estate deeds, certificates for stocks, bonds, annuities, information on bank accounts, mutual funds, safe deposit boxes, retirement plans, 401(k) accounts, or IRAs, debts: credit cards, mortgages & loans, utilities & unpaid taxes […]

Consider A Trust & Estate Plan

Consider A Trust & Estate Plan ARIZONA REAL PROPERTY OWNERS Whether your real properties are in Payson, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tucson, having them included in your trust-based estate plan will save your family headaches and expenses upon your departure.  Even if you only have one property, we highly recommend you create a Trust & Estate Plan. Unless […]

Protect Your Digital Assets

PHOENIX, ARIZONA You need a digital Estate Planning! This is a list of online accounts & passwords with instructions regarding what is to happen to these assets after death. Take advantage of our free consultation, by calling 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs

Estate Planning

Phoenix Wills and Trusts knows that the first step of Estate Planning is to help you plan for your lifetime goals. Some things include the education of your children, a comfortable & financially secure retirement & perhaps a new home. We can help with your Estate Planning. Take advantage of our free consultation, by calling 480-305-0973 […]

Step Family Estate Planning

Arizona Step Family Estate Planning is tough, but, through a mutual Phoenix Wills agreement, Meyerson Law Firm believes it can be simpler. Phoenix Wills and Trusts, founding attorney Jeff  Meyerson, says a separate mutual wills agreement could be added to the Estate Plan so the survivor of a couple could not change their will after the first […]

Capital Gains

Protect Your Capital Gains Phoenix, the average person is living 21 more years than they did in the 1950s. Be more concerned with minimizing Capital Gains & protecting assets to live comfortably in your retirement years than reducing probate tax, which is hardly a cause for concern for most. Take advantage of our free consultation, […]