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Marriage After 50

Think twice about getting married in your Golden Years. From Social Security to Insurance, learn the pros and cons to getting married after 50 from an Estate Planning point of view. Free Phoenix Estate Planning consultation – Call 480-305-0973 More articles & blogs at www.TheMeyersonFirm.com/blog

Phoenix Estate Planning

Phoenix Estate Planning for Arizona Parents Arizona Parents, consider life insurance as a staple in your Phoenix Estate Planning package. Arizona Parents, do you have young children or own a house?  Getting a life insurance policy and including it in your Phoenix Estate Planning is a good idea that can spare your family the grief of […]

Be An Astronaut

Have you always wanted to be an astronaut? Now upon death, you can. Celestis is a program which attaches ashes of interested parties (including several astronauts) to space shuttles, literally launching you into the stratosphere. At a cost of $12,500 it is literally out of this world for most people’s budget. Free consultation – Call […]

Turn Yourself Into A Paper Weight

Sounds crazy, but did you know that after death you can turn yourself into a Paperweight? Seriously!!! Memorial Swirl Paperweights now you and your kids can play rock/paper/scissors in eternity. You gotta laugh, happy Friday! On a serious note, Free consultation – Call 480-305-0973 Visit us at http://www.themeyersonfirm.com